Premium Service List

The Elephant Tusk offers value added services that take branding to the next dimension.

Whether you’re a personal brand or an established company, you will be benefiting from the intelligent marketing strategies that we offer.

With more than a decade of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry, we have helped national & international brands to gather the attention of the audience they truly seek.


New Premium Service List


Digital Strategy Consultation – INR 35,000/ Hour

Requirements : Q3 Earnings above 3cr in the last financial year.

Preferred Sectors : Retail, F.M.C.G

Payment Method for Indian Clients : Cash.

For Non-Residents : Debit/Credit card Payments accepted. 


Traffic Optimization – Lead Generation – I.T Consultation

Requirements : Non-Disclosure Agreement. Signature from C.E.O. Attestation from Finance Manager.

Requirements : Q3 Earnings above 3cr in the last financial year.

Preferred Sectors : Retail, F.M.C.G

Payment Method : Cash.

Commercials : INR 35,000 –  INR 1.5 Lakhs per Hour based on Q3 report of the previous financial year.




Business, Sales and Marketing Contact :

Ganesh S



Kindly follow email format for prompt reply.

Business name | Contact Person | Phone Number | Appointment Time

No incoming phone calls entertained.

No negotiation on Rates.

For Global Business Houses with Indian Offices

Premium Services Further Information

Digital Strategy Consultation

To establish a solid digital presence and maintain it, a visionary strategy is much needed. The Elephant Tusk team is committed to researching your brand, understanding its target audience, creating innovative campaigns and outreach programs that ensure that your brand stays in consumer memory for a long time.

We ensure timely strategic interventions to catapult your brand to the levels that it rightly deserves. Content, Web and Social Media strategies will be implemented after thorough discussions with the brand and full support will be provided upon requirement.

Viral Social Media Campaigning

By harnessing the true power of Facebook, brands will be able to communicate their core messages to the target audience within a short period of time. Arrival of new products and services, digital content launches etc can be broadcasted to the right audience by using a precise Social media branding strategy.

With each campaign, the follower base is improved and brand reach is extended. By using only high impact content for promotions, The Elephant Tusk will ensure that you get value for the money you invest in Facebook branding.

Youtube Branding

Visual content is in high demand. However the quality of the content, the presentation and the marketing strategy attached to it will determine it’s success in the long term.

Youtube being the most influential visual content platform can make or break a brand.

By creating high impact content and directing it to the right audience, personal and professional brands can ensure success.

The Elephant Tusk offers top notch content generation help and marketing strategies to help you with Youtube branding.

Instagram Branding

This subsidiary of Facebook is now a major attention grabber for the current gen. A solid Instagram presence can mean mileage for the brand if rightly implemented. Every image shared on Instagram is an opportunity for brand growth and outreach.

Audience engagement can be propelled to new heights by choosing the right time of posting and right use of hash tags. Even the right filter or using the assistance of a photo-editing app can help extend the reach of the image posted on Instagram.

The Elephant Tusk understands the social behavior of the Insta-audience and can help you with creating content that will give you the much needed visibility you deserve.

Online Reputation Management

The possibility of a negative publicity can never be denied in this Digital Age. For brands it means a lot more than what it is for regular netizens.

Once a negative publicity attempt is initiated, it can go viral and cost the brand a lot more than what money can fix.

The Elephant Tusk monitors online reputation status of brands and keeps it in check. At the first notice of a negative publicity, our team will take the precautionary messages and counter-measures to minimize the impact.

We will also deploy innovative campaigns that will counter the negative publicity attempts.



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